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We are a locally owned and operated Health and Wellness clinic in Birkenhead on Auckland’s North Shore.

Whether you are looking for individual, couple or help for your family, Esthétique Health & Wellness offers you a place to be yourself, to be honest, and where we work together to understand what’s not working well in your life and where you’d like to grow.

Our qualified and skilled counsellors bring mindfulness practice to all areas of our client’s lives, providing a sense of relief and self-awareness for those who feel overwhelmed or are having trouble finding the root of their problems.

When we cultivate more awareness, you start to realise the power over your state of mind. We teach powerful tools and techniques that help to awaken the mind and emotions, beliefs and behaviours, to achieve specific outcomes for each need, bringing innate happiness and contentment.

…find your voice, heal your hurts, embrace your future

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    Our Mission

    To inspire, nurture and place the focus on our clients and their needs, goals and expectations; delivering the highest standards of treatment with warmth and friendliness.

    We passionately believe in positive energy and commitment to help you feel heard and feel safe while learning to take positive steps forward

    find your voice, heal your hurts, embrace your future


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